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 Happy to see Mr Sun making a regular appearance these days! Excellent spring flying conditions have me looking forward to some vol-biv and overnight hike & fly missions soon. Spirits are high! ||#learntocrow #pembylife #paragliding #coastmountains #tomtomadventures #celebratewild  Sure is looking lush round these parts! I love how spring flying gives me a great perspective of the valley waking up after a long, cold winter. || #learntocrow #pembylife #hikeandfly #paragliding  Enchanted by the mysterious draw of the mountainside, we continued our journey deeper into the forest and further from the refuge and our warm fire. In the afternoon we stumbled across a cavern with walls made of ice and a sip of the local tea was all it took to begin the snow dance on the doorstep. || : @angepercival || #learntocrow #voelklskis #arcteryx #skitouring #mountainmagic  Big wing season has begun. || Primo flying conditions in Pemby yesterday and I had the place all to myself. || : @sueross007 || #pembylife #learntocrow #paragliding #coastmountains  Yehaw! Time to strip em' and rip em'!! || : @grant_gunderson || #learntocrow #skitouring
 Sundown seaside picnic with the @arcteryx crew. || Day 1 of the Global Sales Meeting is a wrap and Arc has once again taken the technical clothing scene to another level! Keep your eyes peeled, the future is now. || #learntocrow #arcteryx #vancouver  Smacking the lip South of the border. Found this one in the POWDER Photo Annual 2017. || : @grant_gunderson || #learntocrow #arcteryx #voelklskis #hiballenergy #lekiusa #mtbaker #skiing  Back in the saddle. The Pemberton trail network has a ton of options for rides of all lengths and difficulty levels. With the TomTom Adventurer GPS watch I'm able to track my distance, elevation gain/descent and speed. Once I save my activity to my phone I can compare it with previous rides and try to beat my stats. It's a great way to stay motivated and push a little harder. || For a chance to win one of your own and become a @TomTomUSA ambassador visit the link in my profile. || #pembylife #TomTomAdventures #GetGoing #OffTheBeatenPath  Soulful soaring in cactus country. || Escaped winter for a couple days to get back in the air and tip some cows with the coastal crew. Yehaw! || #learntocrow #paragliding #speedflying #roadtrip  Back in the homeland and looking forward to more of this in the coming days. It's shaping up to be a fantastic spring here in the #coastmountains. Cuhcawww! || : @andrenutini || #learntocrow #clebratewild #skitouring #pembylife
 Steep & Deep; seemed to be a theme this winter... ||: @anikulapu || #learntocrow #pembylife #arcteryx #voelklskis #hiballenergy  Just a hop, skip and a jump away... || : @eye_b_long || #learntocrow #whistler #skiing  Scenes from expeditions to other worlds... || The varying textures of snow and how it presents itself on different terrain never ceases to amaze. || : @hagenstian || #learntocrow #norway #voelklskis #celebratewild #arcteryx #skitouring  Backyard shenanigans high above our little village. || I'm jazzed up to be ticking off more big lines this spring now that our days are longer and the sun is supposed to make an appearance... ||#learntocrow #pembylife #numinous_ #celebratewild  Planes, trains & automobiles. The journey continues... || : @hagenstian || #ramblin
 Found a pleasant perch over the valley today with my old pal and team mate @jason_kruk on our way up to the launch. If you look close you can see the little A frame house I grew up in on Urdal Rd (to the right of the Lillooet River on the left of the photo). I feel so fortunate to have been raised in a community that fuels my passion for exploring the outdoors. Living the dream, loving the dream. || #learntocrow #pembylife #homesweethome  Out for a rip with a motley gang of local riff raff yesterday. Still snow in dem hills! || #learntocrow #numinous_ #hiballenergy #pembylife  There are certain tools that I don't leave home without when I go flying and the new TomTom Adventurer GPS watch is the latest addition to my kit. It's comfortable, intuitive and tracks all sorts of data that I can read in real time like altitude, duration, speed etc. It also logs my activity so that I can review and share when I'm back down on earth again which is great for creating personal goals that I can try to beat next time I get out. || If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, click the link in my profile for a chance to win your own unit and become a @tomtomusa ambassador. || #learntocrow #TomTomAdventures #GetGoing #pembylife  Love a good hop turn when the opportunity presents itself. || On a side note, swing by @wssf and give them a follow for updates during this weeks World Ski & Snowboard Festival in #Whistler. I take the reigns on their account tomorrow as we lead up to the Pro Photo Showdown, one of the most entertaining nights of the week. See you there! || : @robinoneill || @whistlerblackcomb