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 This midsummer heat has me thinking of winter time shenanigans. I wouldn't mind a little dose of this right about now... || #learntocrow  The folks @mountainlifemedia have posted a recap of our hike and fly mission from Joffre Peak. || *LINK IN BIO* || : @jason_kruk || #learntocrow #alpineheart  Summertime scrambling is a great way to beat the heat and get a different perspective on the mountains we spend so much time in during the snowy winter months. || #learntocrow #alpineheart #coastmountains  This ones been on my hit list for awhile now. || I've been skiing in the Joffre group for years and when I started speed flying I knew that buzzing the serac on the Matier Icefall would be a worthy objective. I left my house at 1am and picked up my partner in crime @jason_kruk and we began our running shoe ascent of Joffre Peak. After a brief drizzle of rain near tree line at first light we continued to summit the 2721m peak as the sun splashed its pinky goodness on the wispy clouds overhead. After Jason got off and rocketed over the East Ridge I launched West and flew down to a patch of snow at the third lake. Despite a bit of a bumpy landing in the slippery summer snow it was another successful hike and fly adventure in the home range. I'll be posting a few more pics from our mission over the coming days. || #learntocrow #pembylife #speedflying #coastmountains #swingmirage  The next generation of backcountry skiers taking a quick photo op in between clinics on terrain evaluation, hazard assessment and companion rescue in a new Big Mountain Skills option @momentumcamps on the #Blackcomb #glacier. It really stokes me up to share knowledge and get some quality time in with passionate young rippers like these ones! || #learntocrow #skiing #safety #coastmountains
 Hanging at the beach. || #learntocrow #paragliding #roadtrip #oregon  Becky stretching her legs after a long day of co-piloting. Our Coastal Cruise continues south of the border... || #roadtrip #pickathon  That's a wrap for another entertaining summer of glacier #skiing @momentumcamps. Thanks to all the campers, coaches and mountain staff for making it such a blast! I landed my first backflip at camp in 2001 and each year getting to see my campers stomp theirs gets me totally pumped and brings me back to that pinnacle moment. See y'all next summer! ||. Life's a mountain and a beach. || : @illanaemily || #whistler #momentumcamps #bestsummerever  There's magic in the air. || #learntocrow #joffrepeak #hikeandfly #pembylife
 Magic Islands of the Oregon Coast || #roadtrip #pickathon #cosmiccountry  Slicin' up a tasty moraine feature @micaheli during an excellent photo mission with @chrisburkard & co. || Riding these giant frozen waves is one of my favourite winter activities. Mmmmm winter. || #learntocrow  Swooping for climbers on a big hunk of granite near the ocean. || #learntocrow #speedflying #thechief #highspeedhammocks  Gotta catch my daily dose of air time... || #learntcrow #gopro #hiballenergy
 Spreading my wings at the beach. Thanks for the pic Becky! || #learntocrow #paragliding #goprohero5  Climbing ladders all day and screwing 18ft sheets of standing seam steel on a 12/12 roof in the blazing sun has me thinking of times like this... Bring on the weekend! || : @jessika_hunter @wildandheart || #pickinandstrummin #roofermadness  On our last push to the summit we were welcomed by a few light drops of rain as this beautiful morning rainbow materialized. I took it as a good omen of things to come... || #learntocrow #pembylife #coastmountains  This guys been chasing me all day; no matter what I do I can't seem to shake him!  || #learntcrow #speedflying #gopro #hiballenergy #coastmountains